. Teaching members of the church to be personal witnesses for Christ in their local community, raising a body of believers in and around the places where they live.

2. Teaching and motivating Christians around the world to look out for divine opportunities to make Christ known to the lost and the needy in words and in works.

3.   To network within the community by demonstrating the love of God in a practical way, so that those who do not know Christ could see the light of the Gospel through our lives and works.

4. To communicate the Gospel through charitable works i.e. Rehabilitation of the less privileged ones, helping people to acquire skills that could give them economic empowerment to become better citizens.

5. To propagate the Gospel of Christ through the print and electronic media. This way, we reach those who are located in areas that we cannot reach personally.

6. Provide training for Christian workers, Pastors and Missionaries and equipping them with the necessary tools that could help them communicate the Gospel of Christ wherever the Lord wishes to send them to work for Him.

7. To build rehabilitation center to give hope and shelter to those who are hurting in our society and around the world.

8. To build hospitals and schools in the rural areas where these facilities are not available with the aim of winning the people to Christ through these services.

9. Engaging in gospel crusades, revivals and seminars on University campuses, villages and urban areas as well.

10. To publish Christian materials (Tracts, books and bible studies) to enhance the maturing process of the Christian Church.

11. To be actively involved in prison ministry using gifts and audio materials as a means of enlightening the inmates of the need to accept the love of God that was demonstrated in the death and resurrection of Christ.

The entire operation is called the wholistic approach in ministry. This means evangelizing the total man (body, soul and spirit). It is reaching the soul by touching by touching the body