Project Hope

Project Hope

 This project was designed to accommodate the drop outs in the society before they meet bad friends who may introduce them into crimes. This we believe is the best way to prevent and control crimes in our society; “A stitch in time, they say saves nine.”

There are three main areas of focus of the program of the Oasis of Hope initiatives.


a. Education Foundation This unit grants scholarships to the brilliant less privileged in the society especially fatherless candidates who do not have a means of advancing their education. This scholarship covers tuition fees, books, clothing. medical and other incidental expenses for them until they come out of school.

b. Skill acquisition Program In the skill acquisition unit tagged “Project Hope”, there are about nineteen workshops that will be set up to help people acquire the skills of their choice and at their graduation they are empowered to start their own business. Welding and fabrication, barbing and hair making, catering, auto mechanic, auto body work, spray painting, carpentry, shoe making, aluminum fabrication, hat making just to mention but a few. This we hope will help create jobs and reduce the rate of crime in the society.


This unit is aimed at providing information on health, and job creation. Some of the areas of focus are: AIDS prevention, stress management, prevention and control of diabetes, managing small scale business, seminars on job creation, integrated farming techniques and medical services on short term missions program.


This is the core area of values for the Oasis of Hope Initiatives. This unit uses the word of God to educate the public on how to discover, develop and utilize God’s given potentials. We believe that every human being is endowed with great potentials to create things which could be an economic goldmine. There is money everywhere waiting for ideas that could harvest it. We intend to help individuals discover and develop these ideas.